Madman announcements from Supanova Brisbane 07

posted on by Jon Hayward
Madman announced four new titles at Supanova Brisbane on Sunday. They include Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade, Afro Samurai, Wings of Honneamise and Hellsing manga. More information below;

Jin Roh : The Wolf Brigade. Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade was previously released by Siren, but Madman have managed to get their hands on the rights. Madman's "special edition" re-release will include never-seen-before extras. It is due for release in July.

Afro Samurai. Afro Samurai, which is scheduled to be shown on MTV soon, is recieving a Director's Cut, which promises more violence and gore. It's due in August.

Wings of Honneamise. The GAINAX film, The Wings of Honneamise, is recieving a Special Edition DVD release, with the feature being remastered from the original HD cut. The details of the DVD are yet to be finalised.

Hellsing Manga The Hellsing manga is due for its first official release in Australia in late 2007.

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