Child Safety Anime from Anpanman's Yanase Streamed

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Free video hosted by Tokyo neighborhood to protect kids from "bad adults"

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day Update: The Tokyo ward of Shinjuku began streaming the Shinjuku Shin-chan Patrol: Warui Otona ni Ki o Tsukete ("Shinjuku Shin-chan Patrol: Be Careful of Bad Adults") crime-prevention anime on its website last week. The 20-minute video teaches children how to protect themselves from "bad adults" — specifically, "when a person driving a car calls out to you," "when you're riding an elevator alone," "when you return home alone and no one's home," and "when someone you don't know calls on the phone."

The site also posted a message by Takashi Yanase, the creator of the Anpanman anime and the co-creator of this children's safety video. Yanase also happens to have been a resident of Shinjuku for nearly half a century. He says that he was inspired by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when he created this character "as a spirited boy who protects against crime by constantly patrolling the jungle of Shinjuku."

Image © Takashi Yanase

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