Evangelion One-Piece Dresses Offered in Japan

posted on by Egan Loo
Nylon dresses inspired by EVA weapons, model Hoshi Aya

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: The Evangelion anime producers have collaborated with Mobile Collection to offer an Evangelion fashion line that includes one-piece dresses (pictured at right) inspired by the EVA-01, EVA-00, and EVA-02 weapons. (Mobile Collection is a fashion retail site for shopping by mobile phone.) Designed with the input of fashion model Hoshi Aya, each of the nylon outfits can double as a vest of a larger ensemble, or as a one-piece dress to be worn by itself.

The dress is part of a larger collection for JSG and other shops aimed at the teenagers who frequent the trendy Tokyo shopping district of Shibuya. The other pieces in the collection include a reversible NERV Neko Mimi Parka in pink or purple (pictured at left), a more conventional SEELE parka in light gray or black, and a Pen-Pen parka in grey, navy blue, or ivory. There are also various T-shirts with Rei, Asuka, NERV, and other iconic images from the anime. Half of the items are available at the online Evangelion Shop in Japan, although the rest (including the one-piece dresses) will not be ready until next month or later.

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