Utena Director Ikuhara Works on New Anime's Opening

posted on by Egan Loo
Unspecified new project to premiere on television in two weeks

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: In three blog entries between May 29 and June 16, Utena and Sailor Moon director Kunihiko Ikuhara has been posting storyboards for the opening sequence he is animating for an unspecified new anime. Ikuhara acknowledges he is under a tight deadline since the original drawings for the sequence are only half done as of Tuesday — even though the anime will premiere on television in two weeks.

Since Ikuhara directed Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie in 1999, he has worked on only a few anime projects in the last ten years. Notably, he storyboarded episode 2 of Gunbuster 2, storyboarded and directed the opening sequence of Nodame Cantabile, and storyboarded the 29th episode of Soul Eater.

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