Musician: New Male Vocaloid Virtual Singer in the Works

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Kōya Matsuo, a musician who has created songs with the Hatsune Miku virtual singer's synthesized voice, reported on his blog on Wednesday that he listened to a "new male Vocaloid" virtual singer. That day, he said that he met with Wataru Sasaki of Crypton Future Media, the developer of Hatsune Miku and several other desktop music (DTM) software packages that use Yamaha's Vocaloid 2 engine. Matsuo heard Sasaki's "5 cm." as a sample song with the new male voice; the full-fledged recording setup and sampling database have not been finished yet, so he only heard a rough demo. However, he complimented the clarity and youthfulness of the new voice.

Matsuo said that the name of the person who provided the sampling data for the new male Vocaloid voice cannot be revealed yet. He noted, though, that the person is a popular young seiyū like the previous participants in Crypton Future Media's Character Vocal series. Sasaki added that the person is a DTM user who has personally used Hatsune Miku's voice and had personally requested to be on the new project. According to Matsuo, more information on the new Vocaloid character can be revealed next week. Crypton had previously created the male Kaito character with the older Vocaloid engine, and then created the preadolescent boy's voice in the Kagamine Len character. Another company created the Gackpoid voice with musician and actor Gackt.

Source: Temple Knights, ITmedia News

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