Yosuga no Sora Adult Bishōjo Computer Game Gets Anime (Updated)

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Sphere's story of orphaned twins who move to family's distant country home

The wraparound jacket band on the first Yosuga no Sora: in solitude, where we are least alone manga volume is announcing this month that an anime adaptation of the original game has been green-lit. Sphere released the adult bishōjo computer game in 2008.

The story of the game is set in the distant mountain village of Okukozome-chō. Haruka Kazugano and his twin sister Sora have fond childhood memories of going to the village to visit their grandfather during their summer vacations. However, after losing their parents in an accident, the two must move in with their grandfather.

The twins get reacquainted with their old childhood friend Nao Yorihime, their new classmate Ryōhei Nakazato, the miko (shrine maiden) Akira Amatsume, and Akira's friend Kazuha Migawa. All seems peaceful and familiar. However, beneath the surface is a secret promise that the twins made with each other long ago, the whereabouts of an important lost item, and the real reason they chose to come back here.

Takashi Mikaze has been drawing the manga adaptation of the game in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Comp Ace magazine since last year. More information about the anime will be released in the magazine.

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Update: More background and story information added.

Update 2: The July issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine is announcing on June 10 that the anime will premiere on television in Japan this fall.

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