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Live-action Kimi ni Todoke, Beck in September, hybrid Kaidan Restaurant in August

The official website for the live-action film adaptation of Karuho Shiina's Kimi ni Todoke romantic comedy manga began streaming the second teaser trailer and the first full trailer on Wednesday. (In the linked page, wait for the opening sequence to finish, and then select the light-blue "ムービー" menu option on the chalkboard.) The story follows high school student Sawako Kuronuma (Mikako Tabe) whose frighteningly sullen looks are compared to Sadako, the character from Hideo Nakata's Ringu movie. However her life changes when her popular classmate Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) starts to talk to her. His friendship gives her the confidence to become more outgoing and try new things. VIZ Media is publishing the manga series in North America, and the film will open in Japan on September 25.

The official website of the live-action film adaptation of Harold Sakuishi's Beck manga is also streaming its first full trailer. (In the linked page, wait for the opening sequence to finish, and then select the film strip icon on the bottom left.) The movie stars Takeru Sato as Koyuki, an ordinary high school student who is encouraged by the talented guitarist Rysuke Minami (Hiro Mizushima) to pick up a guitar. They decide to form a band called Beck with bassist Taira (Osamu Mukai), lead vocalist Chiba (Kanta Kiritani), and drummer Saku (Aoi Nakamura). Koyuki soon discovers his natural ability to play the guitar, and as his talent grows, the band finds success. Tokyopop is publishing the original manga in North America, and the film will be released in Japan on September 4.

Finally, the official website of the hybrid live-action/animated adaptation of the Kaidan Restaurant (Thriller Restaurant) children's books is streaming a trailer. In the original horror storybooks, the proprietor of Kaiden Restaurant, Obake Garcon (Ghost Waiter), tells scary stories to children. Ayano Kudo will star as the young spirit detective Haru Amano. The Kaidan Restaurant television anime series has been airing in Japan since last October, and the film version will be released in Japanese theaters on August 21.

Sources: Nippon Cinema (link 2, link 3)

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