R.O.D./Kannagi Producer Working on New Noitamina Show

posted on by Gia Manry
Tomonori Ochikoshi tells Otakon panel about unannounced late-night show

Tomonori Ochikoshi, the producer of R.O.D -The TV-, Kannagi, and Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW, revealed at Otakon's Japanese Producers & Directors Panel on Sunday that he is working on a new show for Fuji TV's late-night Noitamina timeslot. When asked if his new Noitamina show is the recently announced Kuragehime anime, Ochikoshi (far left in photo) said that it is an unannounced title.

Another producer, Fuji TV's Kōji Yamamoto (Paradise Kiss, Honey and Clover II), indicated on his Twitter account on Friday that a January Noitamina title will be announced soon. After otaku scholar Hiroki Azuma retweeted Kōji Yamamoto's hint, Kōji Yamamoto responded with a photograph of Azuma, Kuroshitsuji/Toradora! screenwriter Mari Okada, and Kannagi/Haruhi Suzumiya director Yutaka Yamamoto. Science-fiction critic Tsunehiro Uno had already revealed in May that Azuma and Okada are working with Yutaka Yamamoto on a television anime series.

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