Japanese Publishers Decry Unauthorized iOS Book Apps

posted on by Gia Manry
Consortium issues press release proclaiming Apple's "responsibility"

A consortium of Japanese publisher associations has issued a press release criticizing the illegally scanned digital books, including manga, in Apple's App Store on Tuesday. According to the press release, the group believes that Apple "bears grave responsibility" for the copyright infringement taking place. A representative for Apple Japan has responded that it "respond[s] promptly and appropriately" to complaints from copyright owners.

The consortium that issued the press release consists of the Japan Book Publishers Association, the Japan Magazine Publishers Association, The Electronic Book Publishers Association of Japan, and the Digital Comic Association. The release specifically complains about novels by Japanese authors Haruki Murakami and Keigo Higashino; however, a large number of manga-related apps in the App Store are in fact programs which access unauthorized scanlations (translated manga scans) from various websites or include manga scans without permission. ANN reported on one such app this past April.

The Digital Comic Association united with American manga publishers to combat unauthorized scanlations, stating that they were planning to take legal action. No such action has been seen at this time; however, in the wake of the news one scanlation site closed and another removed over 350 series (though some were later restored.

Source: The Wall Street Journal via Robot 6

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