New UK Licenses: Xam'd, Black Butler and Nabari no Ou

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Bones science-fiction, Victorian bishonen and present-day ninja.

Manga Entertainment has announced three new anime licenses for the UK: Xam'd: Lost Memories, Black Butler and Nabari no Ou, all series.

Xam'd is an SF/action series from the BONES studio, which made Eureka 7 and all the anime versions of Fullmetal Alchemist. The new series is scheduled for a DVD/Blu-Ray release on July 18. In Japan, Xam'd was first released as a download on the PLAYSTATION Network, prior to its TV broadcast. It has 26 episodes, to be released over two two-disc packs.

Set in Victorian England, Black Butler features a demonic butler and his twelve year-old master. The release date has not been confirmed yet.

Nabari no Ou has an apathetic present-day highschooler being drawn into the secret world of ninja. Series 1 Part 1 will be released by the end of June.

Other recent Manga Entertainment licenses include the gory zombie series Highschool of the Dead, which will be released as a single set on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 29; and the CGI space opera To, on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 1.

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