Cro-Magnon Band's Tsuyoshi Kosuga Arrested for Cannabis

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Member of band that co-composed Hyouge Mono anime is charged with possession

Police in Japan arrested Tsuyoshi Kosuga of cro-magnon, the musical group that co-composed the soundtrack for the Hyouge Mono anime, on suspicion of violating Japan's Cannabis Control Law on Saturday. According to the public report, Kosuga allegedly had a plastic bag with two pieces of cannabis when he was in a convenience store in Kitakyūshū City around 7:55 a.m. that same day. Police report that Kosuga said, "I got it from an aquaintance at an event. I was going to smoke it later."

After Kosuga had left the store, the store manager reportedly discovered the dropped bag on the floor and contacted the authorities. The store's security camera allegedly recorded the bag dropping from Kosuga's pants pocket. Police say that Kosuga returned to the store at around 1:20 p.m. that afternoon, when he was subsequently detained.

According to the group's website, Kosuga plays the guitar and bass. He had performed at a live concert at Kitakyūshū City from late Friday evening to early Saturday morning.

The group cro-magnon is credited with co-composing the musical soundtrack of Hyouge Mono with Kô Ôtani. Among other tracks, cro-magnon composed the opening theme song "Bowl Man" and arranged the ending theme song "Kizuna."

Source: Yomiuri

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