(Updated) Ryuichi Sakamoto At Camden, May 12

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Celebrated musician performing with Carsten Nicolai at Roundhouse next Thursday.

Oscar-winning musician and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto will be among the line-up at a music event at the Roundhouse in Camden on Thursday May 12, starting at 1900. From the website:

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

An unusual creative partnership between the Oscar-prize honored film composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and the fine artist and electronic music pioneer Carsten Nicolai. Passages of sparse yet emotionally charged and passionate piano solos embedded in sine waves, glitchy percussions and throbbing bass pulses – contemplative and minimal.

The event is presented by the German electronic label Raster-Norton, with Sakamoto performing in the main space of the Roundhouse. Full details of the event, and the other musicians featured, are here. The site is currently offering tickets between £25 and £35, plus a booking fee. The Roundhouse is near to Chalk Farm Underground station (map).

Sakamoto shared the Academy Award for his contribution to the score of the live-action film The Last Emperor in 1987. It opened the same year as Studio Gainax's The Wings of Honneamise: Sakamoto was its music director, and also contributed to the score. He is also one of the musicians featured in the CGI Appleseed films. In addition, he produced Rosé, the debut album of Mari Iijima, the voice of Linn Minmay in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

Update: Sakamoto will also appear in a concert at London's Royal Festival Hall on November 1; details here.

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