Manga At Bristol This Weekend

posted on 2011-05-13 07:28 EDT
Manga represented at Bristol Comics Expo.

This weekend's Bristol International Comics and Small Press Expo will include several manga-themed items. Although the 'Mainstream and International' side of the event is now sold out, there will be tickets on the door for the 'Independent Small Press and Manga' side, subject to availability. This part of the event takes place at the Mercure Holland House hotel, 600 metres from Bristol railway station. Adult weekend tickets are £5 (£3 children); adult day tickets are £3 (£2 children).

The manga-themed events will take place in the Red Room. From the site:

Screenings - full times and listings will be available on the information stands at the show

Saturday - (red room)

From West to East

With pop culture in the west usually taking so much influence from the far east, we take a look at the latest role reversal - popular western comic books re-made into eastern style animation.

From Manga to Motion

Comic books' transition to live action has always been spotty at best in the west and even then until recent years it has generally been the domain of the spandex clad superhero genera but with titles like The Walking Dead now getting a live action counterpart to great success can we expect to see more diverse titles hitting the small screen?

For years eastern producers have known that comic stories make great tv - from comedy to drama to historical creations, Manga of all genres have been re-imagined for a wider viewing audience.

We take a look at a few popular manga that have made it into motion.

Sunday - (red room)

Otaku! - a celebration of obsession

Do you know your Moe from your Tsundere? Your Baka from your BL? The world of the Otaku (or obsessive fan) can be a strange bewildering one when seen from the outside so we bring you a selection of anime, documentaries and films in the effort to explain the finer points of pop culture obsession (this may or may not be a good idea).

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