Google Results List Novelists in K Anime's GoRA Project

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After a few creators in the GoRA Project were revealed by the project's official Twitter account and the creators themselves, a Google search revealed a possible full roster. GoRA Project is the creator group responsible for the K television anime series that premiered on Thursday.

The GoRA Project's Twitter account already confirmed on Wednesday that novelist Yukako Kabei (Kieli) is involved, and author Kouhei Azano (Black Blood Brothers) said that same day that he is also involved in the story and scripts.

A Google search of Yukako Kabei, Kouhei Azano, and another author (Kuroki le Voleur: Kamen no Kaitō Shōjo's Hideyuki Furuhashi) yielded a hit on the BS-TBS television channel's web page for K. That hit lists four more names in GoRA: Mamizu Arisawa (Inukami!), Rei Rairaku (Kanashimi Chimera), Suzu Suzuki (Kyūketsuki no Oshigoto), and Yashichiro Takahashi (Shakugan no Shana).

However, those names do not appear on the current page on the BS-TBS website, nor in its Google cache.

It was previously revealed that producer Gou Nakanishi (Fafner, Asura Cryin', Negima!) is also a GoRA Project group member.

[Via Moe Ota-News Sokuhō]

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