Weekend Wrapup: 18/Nov - 24/Nov

posted on 2012-11-26 02:00 EST
This week in a delayed Weekend Wrapup, we have a first with an entirely Australian based news run with acquisitions from both Hanabee and Madman Entertainment;

Madman Entertainment Announcements

Madman Entertainment announced the following titles at Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2012 Brisbane and Adelaide, while you can view the summaries from Brisbane and Adelaide, here's a quick list for your reading pleasure;

  • K: Streaming online every Wednesday here for the first episode. Home release announced in 2013.
  • Hellsing Ultimate: Episodes I to IV collection re-released in February 2013, Episodes V to VIII collection in March 2013, IX and X at some point in the future. All released on Blu-Ray and DVD.
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic: Streaming online every Monday, click here for the first episode. Home video in 2013.
  • Blast of Tempest: Streaming online TBC, home video in 2013.
  • Sword Art Online: Streaming online TBC, home video in 2013.
  • Blood-C and Blood-C: The Last Dark: Release date in 2013.
  • K-On! The Movie: Japan Film Festival Sydney / Melbourne in December, home video in 2013.
  • Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse: DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital in March 2013.
  • Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works: DVD and Digital in March 2013.
  • Kamisama Dolls: 2013 release on bilingual DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital.
  • Blood-C: The Last Dark: Sideways announced last weekend in Brisbane alongside the Blood-C TV series, 2013 release on bilingual DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital.
  • Battle Girls - Time Paradox: 2013 release on bilingual DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital.
  • Appleseed XIII: 2013 release on bilingual DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital.

You can also read Luke's full report of the Brisbane panel including Q&A.

And finally, Madman Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies and will screen both movies back to back for one night only on December 9th. The screenings will take place in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

Hanabee Announcements

Over the past two weeks, Hanabee has announced several titles over the latest Supanova tour;

  • Gyo: March 2013 release.
  • .hack//G.U. Trilogy: February 2013 release.
  • Hakuoki (TV): March 2013 release.
  • Alien Nine: February 2013 release.
  • Bakemonogatari: No current release dates.
  • Arakawa under the Bridge × Bridge (TV): No current release dates.
  • ef: a tale of memories: DVD in January 2013, Blu-Ray in Feburary 2013.
  • ef: a tale of melodies: DVD in Feburary 2013, Blu-Ray in near future.
    • You can view full summaries in the brisbane announcement here and the Adelaide announcement here and you can see Luke's coverage of the Brisbane panel (complete with Q&A) here.

      Additionally last week Hanabee launched their new website at, you can view a complete list of their current and upcoming releases here.

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