Voice Actor Takashi Taniguchi Passes Away

posted on by Egan Loo
Voiced Sanada Jū Yūshi, Supernatural, Tommy Lee Jones in films & Boss Coffee ads

Toshio Furukawa reported on Friday that fellow voice actor Takashi Taniguchi passed away. Taniguchi's agency, Office Osawa, conveyed the news to Furukawa.

Taniguchi played various anime roles such as Montblanc Cricket in One Piece, Kōichi Komoda in Bokurano, Chéng Yù in Sōten Kōro, and Sanada Awano-kami Masayuki in Shinshaku Sengoku Eiyū Densetsu - Sanada Jū Yūshi The Animation. However, more people have heard his voice in the Japanese dubbing of foreign films. He dubbed over Tommy Lee Jones in several films, which led to him also voicing "Alien Jones" in the famous Boss Coffee commercials.

Taniguchi also lent his voice to the Japanese dubbing of Christopher Lambert (Highlander films) and Tom Berenger (Platoon, Inception). He played the Green Army Men Sergeant in the Toy Story films, and his dubbing of Bobby Singer in the live-action Supernatural television series led to him reprising the same role in Supernatural the Animation.

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