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Vertical Adds Kyoko Okazaki's Pink, From the New World Manga

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Tōru Oikawa's adaptation of Yūsuke Kishi's From the New World sci-fi novel that inspired anime

North American publisher Vertical announced at its Genericon panel on Friday that it has licensed Kyoko Okazaki's Pink manga and Tōru Oikawa's manga adaptation of Yūsuke Kishi's From the New World novel.

The one-volume Pink "love and capitalism" manga follows the everyday life of 22-year-old Yumi, who divides her time between work, love, her pet crocodile, and her night work as a prostitute, which she does in order to feed the crocodile. Magazine House originally published the series in 1989, and then republished the book in 2010. (Note: the cover image at right is from the republished 2010 version, the cover image for the original 1989 version may not be not safe for work.)

Vertical previously announced in October that it is releasing Okazaki's Helter Skelter psychological manga, which details the rise and fall of RIRIKO, a model who underwent extensive plastic surgery to attain her beauty. The manga inspired a live-action film version starring Erika Sawajiri that opened in Japan last year. Helter Skelter will be the first manga from Okazaki published in English, and it will ship this August.

Oikawa launched his adaptation of Kishi's award-winning 2008 speculative-fiction novel From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori) in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in May, and Kodansha published the second volume in December. In the original novel, the story is set in Japan a millennium from now. Five children — Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru, and Shun — have been born and raised in a tranquil town that can be described as a utopia, overflowing with water and green foilage. The world is ruled by people who have the "cursed power" or the "gods' power" of telekinesis.

After a certain incident, Saki and the others come to realize the true nature of their world. Before long, they learn everything, including the bloody history that brought humanity to this state. The five throw themselves into life-threatening adventure and fighting to protect friends and a world on the brink of collapse.

The original novel shared The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of Japan's 29th Nihon SF Taishō Award with Mitsuo Iso's Dennō Coil anime series in 2008. A-1 Pictures television anime adaptation of the novel is currently airing and Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs and Sentai Filmworks will release the series on home video this year.

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