SMASH Announces First Guest for 2013

posted on by Jon Hayward
Japanese voice actress Haruko Momoi to attend the Sydney Manga and Anime Show on the 10th of August 2013;

Haruko Momoi is a prolific Japanese voice actress that is credited with over 30 roles including Chika Minazuki in Ai Yori Aoshi, Faris Nyannyan in Stiens;Gate, Ai Hayakawa in Final Fantasy Unlimited, San Seto in My Bride is a Mermaid's and Anise Tatlin in Tales of the Abyss. Momoi has worked her way up by singing and performing on the streets of Akihabara in the late 90's, later releasing singles and formed a partnership with Masaya Koike as UNDER17 to perform songs for games and anime including DearS, Genshiken and Kujibiki Unbalance. After Masaya and Haruko went their seperate ways in 2004, Haruko went onto a solo career, performing songs for D.C. ~Da Capo~, School Days, My Bride is a Mermaid, Yurumates and Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger and has since created her own production label "Akihabara Love Records".

SMASH made the announcement via facebook and on their website. Considering Haruko's performance record at North American anime conventions we can expect she will be performing at SMASH but no further details have been announced yet. You can view SMASH's write-up on Haruko Momoi here.

SMASH is a one day convention in Sydney, NSW and their 2014 show will be running on the 10th of August at the Sydney Convention Centre, you can find out more on SMASH at their website.

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