Madman Entertainment to Finally Release Samurai Pizza Cats

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Australian Anime distributor Madman Entertainment have announced that they will be releasing cult fan-favourite series Samurai Pizza Cats;

The announcement was made during Madman's anime panel at Supanova Pop Culture Expo Melbourne and can be seen on Madman's facebook page. The title's release date is currently TBC but Madman plan to release Samurai Pizza Cats before the end of 2013.

Samurai Pizza Cats was originally screened in Japan as Kyatto-ninden Teyandee back in 1990. However when Saban bought the rights in 1991 translated scripts for the series were non-existent, leaving the cast and crew to create completely original scripts that only had a passing resemblance to the original Japanese series. This new English dub was packed with pop-culture references, puns and humour revolving around Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther and Guido Anchovy, three cyborg cat samurais who defend their city of Little Tokyo from the evil machinations of prime minister Seymour "Big" Cheese from their pizzeria restaurant. The absurdity of the series translation grew to the point where the three heroes receive a letter in Japanese and are unable to decipher the language.

Just watch the English dub's opening, you'll soon understand

The series was a cult hit in Australia, broadcast alongside Robotech and Sailor Moon on Agro's Cartoon Connection it gained a large following across Australia and fans have been asking Madman Entertainment for years to re-release the series. The series was licensed by Discotek Media last year and they are releasing complete DVD collections for both the uncut japanese original Legendary Pizza Cats (Kyatto-ninden Teyandee) on the 30th of April 2013 and the English dub later in the year.

Madman Entertainment have not yet detailed if they will release both collections or just the English dub. But while you wait, why not enjoy the closing credits.

UPDATE: Madman Entertainment have confirmed that they will just be releasing Samurai Pizza Cats collection and not the Japanese original.

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