Madoka Magica Vita Game's 3-Minute Promo Streamed

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Artdink's 3D action game to ship in Japan on December 19

Bandai Namco Games unveiled a three-minute promotional video for its Gekijō-ban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica: The Battle Pentagram (Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: The Battle Pentagram) PlayStation Vita game on Friday.

The game takes place during the events of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 1: Beginnings and Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part 2: Eternal films — but with a wish that changes everything: "What if all five of the magical girls trusted each other and worked together as a team?"

Artdink (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Gundam Battle franchise) is developing the 3D action game for PS Vita, and the original anime's Magica Quartet is supervising the brand-new, original scenario. The game will have two parts, depending on the time of day. In daytime, the player can have the magical girls interact and increase the bonds between them. In nighttime, the five magical girls battle witches. Players can keep track of their soul gem's power with a gauge that appears on the bottom left of the screen during battle.

The game will ship on December 19 in a limited edition for 8,980 yen (about US$90) and standard edition for 5,980 yen (US$60). The limited edition comes in a gold-leaf decorated box with an original soundtrack CD, a Charlotte witch portable screen, a product code for five extra outfits, and a tentatively-titled "Homura's Time Travel" Voice World chat number. Those who pre-order the game will receive an additional Voice World number for Mami.

Those who call the hotline numbers can chat "interactively" with the two magical girls. Voice actresses Aoi Yūki (Madoka) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami) were present at the Tokyo Game Show stage event for the game. Mizuhashi revealed on stage that even she was not told about the hotline yet, saying, "I had no idea of this feature's existence."

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