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Anime Limited 2014 Schedule

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Dates and details on studio's forthcoming releases, including Gurren Lagann details.

Anime Limited has announced some of its 2014 schedule on its website.

Q1 SCHEDULE: 10 February: Garden of Words (pictured) – Blu Ray (SRP: £19.99)

10 February: Garden of Words – DVD (SRP: £17.99)

TBC 24 March: Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The Beginning Collectors Edition Combi pack (SRP £34.99). According to Anime Limited, this release "was delayed as we got approval last minute to use their replica theatrical pamphlet (26 pages) but had to get it translated, designed and approved first!... If not February 24th, it will be out in early March worst-case depending on manufacture."

24 March: Outlaw Star Complete Collection (SRP: £34.99)


28 April: Durarara!! Limited Edition Blu-Ray Set (SRP £79.99). Anime Limited commented, 'Durarara!! has its DVD release a month later currently as we're still sourcing assets, we shared the BD authoring with Siren but have to work out what assets are available for the DVD one... Best case scenario they end up out at the same time but we prefer to build some time in just to be safe!'

28 April: Nerima Daikon Brothers – Complete Collection (£39.99)

26 May: Durarara!! DVD Complete set (SRP: £49.99), see comment above.

02 June: Gurren Lagann – Ultimate Edition (SRP: £149.99). This 'will be a limited quantity run with 50 page hardback artbook, all the extras we can get our hands on including the Nintendo DS OVA (that said, some of the Japanese edition's are exclusive so we can't touch them). This will be a one-print run job of maximum 2,000 units and the price-point reflects that.'

20 June: Cowboy Bebop – Complete BD Collection (SRP: £59.99).


Announcements coming soon.


20 October: Gurren Lagann Blu-Ray set (TV series only, SRP: £59.99). This 'will be the TV series only in High-Definition with select extras that came with the original release in the UK and USA – the goal there is a £59.99 SRP product so it's accessible to those who do not want all the bells and whistles. A Movie / Parallel Works combo pack is being evaluated as a standalone product too but of course depends on if it's something fans would like.'

20 October: Gurren Lagann DVD Collector's Edition (SRP: £79.99). This 'will be in a rigid case and includes movies & parallel works BD set has and 4 limited edition art cards.'

24 November: Space Dandy – Collectors BD set (13 episodes, SRP £69.99)

24 November: Space Dandy – DVD edition (13 episodes, SRP £49.99)

The following 2014 releases do not have confirmed dates yet:


A Letter to Momo – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP: £34.99)

A Letter to Momo – DVD edition (SRP: £17.99)

Patema Inverted – Collectors Edition BD/DVD (SRP TBC)

Patema Inverted – DVD Edition (SRP: £17.99)

Escaflowne Ultimate Edition – format TBC

Escaflowne Regular Edition – format TBC

HAL – Format TBC

Samurai Flamenco – TBC

Anime Limited added that it had acquired numerous new licenses, ten TV series ('mix of new and classics') and seven films, including some to be released in 2014 as well.

Finally, Anime Limited said, 'We've acquired a rather interesting property and have a Kickstarter that launches in a week or so once approval has cleared – which will run across the US and UK. It's a title which fell through the cracks for everyone and we're pretty excited but given the breadth of the territory especially, a Kickstarter makes sense as a rarity.'

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