Live-Action Thermae Romae II Film's Full Trailer Posted

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Hiroshi Abe is back as time-traveling bath architect in April 26 film

The official website for the second live-action Thermae Romae film began streaming the first full trailer and second teaser trailer on Monday. The second film's story begins when bath architect Lucius Modestus (Hiroshi Abe) is asked to make a bathhouse (thermae) to heal the injuries of gladiators from Rome's Colosseum. Lucius finds himself travelling through time again and is inspired after witnessing a sumo wrestling match in modern Japan.

Emperor: Could you build a hot spring utopia for the sake of the Roman Empire?

Lucius: Dead or alive, I will try to make this place the THERMAE utopia.

Narrator: Lucius has taken orders from the Emperor to build the hot spring utopia.

Text: Spanning two millennia…

Lucius: What the hell should I do...?  I've got no idea.

Text: That man … came back.

Lucius: His fat.  Also, he's got a black zucchini-like thing on his head.

Sumo Wrestler: Hey, Gaijin-san, watch us Sumo wrestlers outside!

Text: The second film in the bathing spectacle that captivated the entire world!!

Lucius: Women and children are screaming and sliding down. Are they criminals being punished?

Text: Painful training

Lucius: That was the machine which trains the ability to bear the pain...?

Lucius: Cool. Awesome!

Text: Forbidden bathing!!

Lucius: Oh, are the ladies again.

Text: A face-off with the old nemesis!?

Lucius: This is the same toilet from back then. It won't surprise me this time.

Toilet screen: Wide bidet stream

Roman: Let's take back the strong Roman Empire from the cowards who are obsessed in thermae.  

Text: The imminent destruction of thermae

Lucius: We should listen to what the flat-faced kin say.

Roman: She is a witch!

Mami: Lucius, don't go.

Lucius: I don't want to leave you, either.

Narrator: Can Lucius save the world?

Lucius: This is a comfortable toilet as always, though.

Hiroshi Abe is returning as the time-travelling bath architect Lucius Modestus along with Masachika Ichimura as Hadrian, Kazuki Kitamura as Ceionius, Kai, Shishido as Antonius, and Aya Ueto as Mami Yamakoshi. Sumo wrestlers Taro Akebono and Kotoōshū Katsunori will play gladiators Akebonius and Kato-oshunus, respectively.

The second live-action film inspired by Mari Yamazaki's historical comedy manga Thermae Romae will open in theaters across Japan on April 26. The date coincides with "Yoi Furo no Hi" (Good Day to Bathe).

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