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Persona Q 3DS Game's Aigis, Teddy Character Videos Streamed

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Persona 3, 4 heroes/heroines gather for June 5 Nintendo 3DS RPG

Japanese video game publisher Atlus began streaming character introduction videos for Persona 3's Aegis (Aigis) and Persona 4's Kuma (Teddy) for its upcoming Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Nintendo 3DS game on Friday:

    Aigis: We are falling to the bottom at free fall speed!
    Aigis: I am Aigis, the last number in the counter-measure weapon series.
    Aigis: To put it plainly, I am a humanoid robot.
    Aigis: It's possible for me to drop down sometimes too... My head, I mean.
    Aigis: Its stamina is far higher than I expected... Next time I will hold back its thermal control.
    Aigis: Being by his side is my “precious.”
    Aigis: I see... So the information of where one meets another is unrelated to deepening bonds...
    Aigis: Aigis has arrived to cut apart all enemies! Yes!
    Aigis: Going at full power!
    Aigis: This is the final blow! My trigger is easy to pull! Here we go! Palladion!
    Aigis: If it is on chance, I will not change. But... If changing means to grow, then I want to change.
    Teddy: Once the Shadows appear, I'm sure you'll realize the strength of my nose!
    Teddy: Sniff sniff... Hmm hmm... They're here!! Lots of Shadows are here!!
    Teddy: Teddy was living inside the TV. I didn't even think of leaving there until Yosuke and everybody else arrived, but when I got out, it was so much fun! That's why I thought that I should have gotten out sooner!
    Teddy: Actually, Teddy found out for the first time that he was empty after meeting with everyone! Rei, you're he same as Teddy with no memories, so I understand your pain.
    Teddy: Rei, I'll protect you!
    Teddy: It's time for Teddy's stage time! Teddy's a bullet of passion! Come on, Kintoki Doji!
    Teddy: Always rely on Teddy when you're with him! I'll accept you in my arms!

The story of the new game takes place on the last day of the Yasogami High culture festival. During the event, the heroes of Persona 4 see a strange bell tower appear on the school grounds. The heroes of Persona 3 also hear the bell, and are dragged into the future where the Persona 4 cast awaits. The two groups are locked in the school covered in Shadows, but meet two mysterious individuals named Zen and Rei, who have lost their memories. The cast soon learns that Zen and Rei's lost memories may be the key to solving the mystery of the bell tower's sudden appearance.

Although only one of the silent protagonists can lead the party, players will experience a different story depending on the protagonist they choose. By choosing the Persona 4 hero, players will experience a story more closely involved with the Persona 4 cast and vice versa.

The game will ship in Japan on June 5, 2014.

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