Tekken's Pendulum Flip-Book Manga Gets Live-Action Film

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Shido Nakamura to star in film with "you cannot take back time" theme

An event held at the Yoshimoto Kōgyō Tokyo headquarters on Wednesday announced that Japanese comedian Tekken's three-minute "manga" animation titled Furiko (Pendulum) will be adapted into a live action film starring kabuki and film actor Shidou Nakamura (Death Note's Ryuk). Though overjoyed by the news, Tekken admits he had not previously been informed of this.

In addition to Nakamura, Manami Konishi (Steam Boy) will play the heroine and Itsuji Itao (Cromartie High: The Movie) and Naoko Ken (Mirai Shōnen Conan) will play other roles. Tetsuya Takeda will make a special appearance as a supporting character and Jurina Matsui (SKE48 and AKB48) will play a character showing off the film's pivotal wedding dress.

Spanning from the Showa era to Heisei era, the film's story will explore the theme, "You Cannot Take Back Time." The film will be screened at the sixth annual Okinawa International Movie Festival held from March 20 to 24 in the festival's newly established "TV Director's Movie" department.

Pendulum, originally a manga "flip book" animation with over 1,620 hand-drawn images by Tekken, depicts the story of a married couple through the years. The animation attracted over 3 million views on YouTube since its initial in release on a Japanese variety show in 2012. After watching the video that same year, British rock group MUSE used Pendulum as the official music video for their song "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption). Panelist at the 42nd Japan Cartoonist Awards held by the Japan Cartoonists Association of Manga Creators honored Tekken for last May for Pendulum, lauding the short as "a work that shows us the new potential of manga."

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