Uziga's Adult Manga Mai-chan's Daily Life Gets Live-Action Film

posted on by Egan Loo
Film of "erotic grotesque fetishism" comes after adaptation of Uziga's zombie manga Rain For the Dead

Manga creator Waita Uziga announced on Friday that a live-action film adaptation of his extremely violent guro (grotesque) adult manga Mai-chan's Daily Life (Mai-chan no Nichijō) has been green-lit. The blog promises, "Entrails spewing all over! Gushing fresh blood! The immortal slave maid Mai-chan's clumsy, gruesome story is being made into a live-action film!

An Koshi will play the title character Mai-chan from what the blog describes as the "quintessential work of erotic grotesque fetishism." Miyako Akane will play a new character, also named Miyako. Soaco Roman will play the head maid, and Shōgo Maruyama will play the master of the residence.

Uziga is supervising the film which Sado Satō (Fe-Chi-Su) is directing and writing. NeQro is collaborating on the sets, Zerai Naoi is credited as the "total coordinator." Filming will begin "soon," and the official website will go online in the near future.

Uziga's zombie manga Ame-Agari no Kimi (Rain For the Dead) also inspired a live-action feature film, and Naoi served as the special make-up artist for that project.

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