Railgun S/Strike the Blood Voice Actress Ikumi Hayama Gets Married

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Voice of Shinobu Nunotaba & Sayaka Kirasaka marries longtime acquaintance outside entertainment

29-year-old voice actress Ikumi Hayama announced on her blog on Wednesday that she had gotten married on Saturday, March 29. Her husband is someone, outside the entertainment industry, whom she has known for some time. He was her first boyfriend, and she was his first girlfriend. She described him as a gentle person who understands her feelings on her career and supports her.

She admitted that she herself did not think that the day would come, when she would make such an announcement. She noted that there were a lot of changes in her work and private life last year. Even though she still called herself immature, she vowed to do her best as a voice actress and a person, as she enters the next stage of her life.

She actually wanted to announce her marriage in March. However, by the time she wrote the blog entry, it was already April Fool's Day, so she waited until April 2 to post it.

She added that it is hard to put her thoughts into words, and that she feels very nervous about making this announcement. Still, she said that she will still be herself, and nothing will change. She vowed to continue working with all her strength and keep going to fulfill her wishes. She finally asked her fans to support her in the future.

Hayama played Shinobu Nunotaba in A Certain Scientific Railgun S and more recently, Sayaka Kirasaka in Strike the Blood. Her other roles include Sakiko Matsuoka in Mitsudomoe, Kaori Tachibana in High Score, Motoko Mihoro in Honto ni Atta! Reibai-Sensei, and Nene Konoe in Jewelpet Happiness.

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Update: Kirasaka's spelling fixed. Thanks, Juhachi

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