Osamu Tezuka's Faust Manga Gets Stage Musical

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A.B.C-Z group members Fumito Kawai, Koichi Goseki star in summer stage adaptation

Osamu Tezuka's Faust manga is getting a stage musical adaptation this summer. The Musical Faust ~Ai no Kenshitachi~ (Musical Faust ~Swordsmen of Love~) show will run at the AiiA Theater Tokyo from June 27 through July 7, and will then play at the Osaka Morinomiya Piloti Hall on July 12-13. Tickets are 8,800 yen (about US$86).

A.B.C-Z group member Fumito Kawai will star in the play as Heinrich Faust. Yoshiko Mita will play the devil Mephisto Feres, and A.B.C-Z's Koichi Goseki will play Ophisto Feres, who is Mephisto in the guise of a man. Saori Yasaka will play the princess Margaret. Other cast members include: Miki Satou, Maho Tomita, Moe Yamashita, Kunito Watanabe, Ryūsuke Nakamura, Gorō Yoshida, Tomohiro Kubo, Masashi, Sayaka Tōyama, Yuri Anada, Koran Kuroda, Yoshiaki Umegaki, Morooka Moro, Bin Fujii, and Hirokazu Tategata

Inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's classic play, Tezuka's story revolves around the devil Mephisto, who sends angels down to earth. God gives new life to one such angel, who becomes the princess Margaret. At the same time, God orders Mephisto to send the scholar Faust to hell. Faust is starting to feel that his studies are futile, and Mephisto appears in front of him and signs a contract with Faust promising that Faust will go to hell if Mephisto satisfies his desires. Faust then falls in love with Margaret, and must go on a journey with Mephisto to satisfy the unreasonable demands of Margaret's father.

Tezuka's Faust series includes the original one-volume Faust manga, which Tezuka wrote when he was 21 years old. The series also includes Hyaku Monogatari as well as the unfinished Neo Faust manga, the latter of which Tezuka began serializing in 1988. The musical will cover both the Faust and Hyaku Monogatari manga.

Source: Comic Natalie

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