Producer Tells Why Bandai Namco Has Not Localized Gundam Vs. Games

posted on 2014-09-19 23:31 EDT by Rachel Mahoney

Video game news site Siliconera interviewed Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. producer Ryuichiro Baba on why, despite their importing popularity, Bandai Namco has not localized the Gundam Vs. 2-on-2 fighting games for the West.

“The Gundam games have an entertaining battle system, which may explain why people are importing them, but the license is a problem,” Baba said. “In addition to that, in Japan and Asia, anime airs more often on TV where not as much is aired in the US. Also, the Gundam plastic model kits are readily found throughout Asia. The IP in general is much more well received in Asia and Japan."

Baba is also the executive producer of Rise of Incarnates, and said that the issues with Gundam Vs. are partly what led to the creation of that game. “The 2-on-2 gameplay is the same, but it's tailored more to the Western audience,” he said to Siliconera. “Not just with the look of the game, but the mechanics, as well, which is kind of how this game started out.”

Baba said that if the 2-on-2 fighting genre gains popularity, perhaps through Rise of Incarnates, that could increase the chances of seeing the Gundam Vs. games released in the West. He said he thought the 2-on-2 gaming trend has caught on with Japanese arcade gamers because they can team-battle with their fellows to battle online.

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