Hello Project Producer Tsunku's Laryngeal Cancer Returns

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Morning Musume creator announced remission in September

Hello! Project producer Tsunku sent a fax to the press on Friday stating that his laryngeal cancer has returned. The music producer had announced in September that his cancer was in "complete remission."

Tsunku explained in the fax that his pain and difficulty speaking continued after he announced the cancer was in remission. Tsunku continued testing at several hospitals, but doctors assured him that the symptoms were related to his previous treatments and they would eventually cease.

However, Tsunku continued to experience vocal cord swelling and pain, difficulty breathing, and hoarseness. After noticing the persistent symptoms, he got another vocal chord biopsy in early October in New York. Tsunku was in New York because his Morning Musume '14 idol group performed there on October 5. After arriving back in Japan, Tsunku reported that "cancer was found" in the biopsy.

Tsunku has composed music and provided lyrics for most of Morning Musume's songs as well as for other Hello! Project idol groups. He is the lead singer of the rock band Sharan Q. That band performed the opening theme songs for the Orphen television anime and the DNA² ending theme song "Single Bed," which became a nationwide hit. Tsunku debuted as a voice actor in the anime adaptation of Tomoko Nishimura's Gokujō!! Mecha Mote Iinchō high school romance manga in 2009.

Tsunku's Berryz Koubou Hello! Project idol group announced in August that the unit will be put on hiatus indefinitely starting in spring 2015. The group celebrated its tenth anniversary this past January.

Source: Daily Sports Online via Hachima Kikō

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