Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky CG Film Plays in Japan

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Sleep Tight My Baby, Cradled in the Sky (Nemure Omoi Ko Sora no Shitone ni), the 3D CG-animated science-fiction film by director Naoya Kurisu and the Japanese independent animation label Hand to Mouse., will play in three limited screenings in Japan on April 12.

The official website describes the story of the 50-minute film:

A family was riding a car on their way home from maternity hospital. Satomi and Yasunori were taking their newborn baby named "Orine" home, and filled with happy expectation. However, a sudden accident attacked them. Orine lost her parent and she became alone.

Nineteen years have passed and she has grown up. She was pursued by the police because of an incident. She continued to escape but Yuri Aoshima, a member of a shady organization tried to contact her. Orine agreed to Yuri's demand, which was going to an experimental space station. Yuri will help her to escape, instead.

Somehow, only Orine can enter an unmanned space station. Surprisingly, a person who was waiting for Orine was her mother, Satomi. She appeared in the similitude of her twenty. Orine perplexed and Yuri demanded to turn the power off of the station. Unwillingly, she started to place the shut-down device but she believed that it will solve the mystery and helps her mother.

As Orine and Satomi spend time together, they made up for their lost time. Yuri's aim, Satomi's true identity, and a man called ''SENSEI'' who is involved in taking over the station.

While the mystery deepens, Orine get closer to the "truth"…

Game soundtrack composer Kawagen scored the music, and Ann performed the theme song "Hitotsu dame." The cast includes:

  • Orine Fukushima as Orine Shionoha
  • Kikuko Inoue as Satomi Shionoha
  • Atsuko Tanaka as Yuri Aoshima
  • Hiroaki Hirata as Sensei
  • Ryuichi Kijima as Yukio Shinoda
  • Chihiro Ishiguro as Mizuko Seno
  • Kenichirou Matsuda as Yasunori Shionoha
  • Satoru Makise as PMF trooper

Hand to Mouse. actually completed the film in 2014, and the film has played at Canada's Anime Revolution, Israel's Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and other venues. It will next play at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, one of the world's 10 major animation festivals, in May.


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