Ray Gigant Vita RPG's Video Previews T.M. Revolution, Yoshino Nanjou, Faylan's Songs

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Combat also previewed in Bandai Namco game

The official website for Bandai Namco Entertainment's PS Vita role-playing game Ray Gigant began streaming the second promotional video on Thursday. The video previews the three theme songs and the in-game combat:

Text: Daily life that was suddenly ripped apart
Text: A world in which the footsteps of destruction echo
Man: The force that are humanity's guardians, as well as the enforcers of God. They were called the "Kamibito." (Divine Beings)
Text: This world was entrusted to the three Kamibito.
Ichiya: You guys are the ones holding us down when humanity's in a crisis!
Text: Ichiya Amakaze (Character Voice: Atsushi Abe)
Ichiya: I'm having trouble enough just protecting myself!!
Text: Kazuomi Miwa (CV: Takuya Eguchi) Mana Isano (CV: Rumi Ookubo)
Text: Kyle Griffin (CV: Wataru Hatano)
Kyle: This is a fight to protect humanity. I have no reason to respect your wishes.
Text: Riona Kogarasu (CV: Yu Kobayashi) Conner Mcbride (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki)
Nil: Well, because it's my duty to save humanity. My father taught me how to fight for that exact reason...
Text: Nil Phineas (CV: Yoshino Nanjou)
Text: Redonii Shifiasu (CV: Ikumi Nakagami) Mei Miserere (CV: Mami Tamura)
Ichiya: Each of us here have something on our backs.
Text: This summer
Text: The new-generation dungeon RPG
Text: Gives its first cry
Text: The hurt young souls
Ichiya: There's a guy who doesn't cry for his comrades. But that ends now.
Text: Wander the labyrinth of fate.
Nil: In this situation, senpai might already be gone...
Text: A giant tapestry of destruction
Kyle: I can't die... Not in a place like this!
Text: Obey fate.
Man: Someday, they will understand as well... There's nothing ahead of here except despair.
Text: Oppose fate.
Text: Meet fate.

The "three fates" RPG from developer Experience will feature three different protagonists. Players can choose which protagonist to play as to play out three different scenarios. Players will gather and strengthen their party to take down the "Gigant" enemies that are threatening to destroy the world.

Atsushi Abe will play Ichiya Amakaze (pictured center in above image), Wataru Hatano will play Kyle Griffin (right), and Yoshino Nanjou will play Nil Phineas (left). Additional cast includes Rumi Ookubo as Mana Isano and Takuya Eguchi as Kazuomi Miwa.

Each protagonist will also have a main theme song. T.M. Revolution is performing Ichiya Amakaze's song "Amakaze," Faylan is performing Kyle Griffin's song "Metamorphose," and Yoshino Nanjou is performing Nil Phineas' song "blessing symphony."

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