One Piece Anime Casts Masashi Ebara, Hiroya Ishimaru

posted on 2016-12-09 08:00 EST
Ebara as Raizo debuts in 768th episode on Sunday; Ishimaru plays Oden

The official website for the One Piece franchise announced on Friday that voice actor Masashi Ebara (Naruto's Might Guy, Shakugan no Shana's Alastor) will play the character Raizo (pictured below right), and Hiroya Ishimaru (Mazinger Z's Koji, Dancouga's Professor Hazuki) will voice Oden. Raizo will debut in the anime's 768th episode on Sunday.

The site had previously revealed the voice cast for Wanda, Carrot, and Pedro in July, and Duke Dogstorm in September. The show's ongoing Zou Arc premiered on July 28 in the show's 751st episode. The anime had featured a short anime-original "Silver Mine Arc" after the Dressrosa Arc ended before launching into the Zou Arc.

Source: Comic Natalie

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