Kyoei Toshi PS4 Game Adds Fifth Angel, Ultraman Tiga, Mothra, More

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Kyrieloid, Gyaos, Battra also announced for the game

This week's issue of Kadokawa's Weekly Famitsu magazine introduced more "giant shadows" for Bandai Namco Entertainment and Granzella Inc.'s upcoming collaboration game Kyoei Toshi (City Shrouded in Shadow) on Thursday. The new shadows include Ultraman Tiga, Kyrieloid, Fifth Angel (Rebuild of Evangelion), Gyaos, Mothra, and Battra.

The game's previously announced giant shadows — from the Ultraman, Godzilla, Evangelion, Gamera, and Patlabor franchises — include Ultraman, Nise Ultraman, Alien Zarab, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Evangelion Unit-01, The Fourth Angel, Gamera, Legion, Soldier Legion, Ingram 1, Grau Bear, and Pyro-Buster.

Bandai Namco Entertainment began streaming a trailer earlier this month:

The "science-fiction survival action adventure" game is slated to ship in Japan for PlayStation 4 only on October 19. It was originally also slated to ship on PlayStation Vita.

The game's human characters include male and female protagonists, Yuki Kano, Hideyasukuni Ōtsuka, and Risa Kashiwagi. Players will be able to customize the protagonist and choose whether the heroine Yuki is a "lover" or "friend." The game will feature choices typical of Ganzella's games, and player's choices will determine Yuki's view of the protagonist. The works in the game will not crossover, and will be divided by stage. Although downloadable content is under consideration, there are currently no plans for downloadable content because the developers are focusing on completing the game.

Granzella Inc. and Bandai Namco Entertainment unveiled the game at Tokyo Game Show in September 2015. Disaster Report (Zettai Zetsumei Toshi) producer Kazuma Kujo is directing and designing the game. At Bandai Namco Entertainment, Takashi Watabe is the chief producer.

The game is unrelated to Granzella Inc.'s Disaster Report series, but will also be in the survival adventure genre. In the game players must survive in a city attacked by mysterious looming threats.

Source: Famitsu via The Tokusatsu Network

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