Precure Super Stars! Anime Film Casts Kensho Ono

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Ono makes debut in Precure franchise as mysterious boy named Clover

The official Twitter account for the Precure Super Stars! anime film announced on Sunday that voice actor Kensho Ono (ReLIFE's Arata, Kuroko's Basketball's Kuroko, Yuri!!! on Ice's Phichit) will guest star in the film as the mysterious boy Clover. Clover holds the key to the film's theme of "Promise." The role marks Ono's first time voicing a role in the Precure franchise.

The film will open in Japan on March 17. The film is part of the 15th anniversary celebrations of the Precure franchise.

Actor Kazuki Kitamura will make his voice acting debut as the villain character Usobakka, pictured below. Usobakka is a monster that is attempting to turn the world into one full of lies, and is the "Precures' worst enemy."

The film will center on the characters of the new Hugtto! Precure television anime series, and will also feature characters from Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode as well as Maho Girls Precure!.

A Precure All Stars film has opened nearly every March since 2009. The films typically feature characters from all Precure television series. Last year's film, Eiga Precure Dream Stars!, billed itself as "not an All Stars" film, but still featured a crossover. The film opened in Japan on March 18, 2017.

Hugtto! Precure will premiere in Japan on February 4. The title includes the English word "Hug" with the quotation particle "to," which is used in casual speech when the speaker is resolving to do something. The tagline on the show's official website reads, "You can do anything! You can be anything! Embrace a shining future!"

The most recent film in the Precure franchise, Eiga Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode: Paris to! Omoide no Mille-Feuille!​, opened in Japan last October.

Source: Animate Times

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