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Attack on Titan S2 Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond

On Monday February 26, Sony Pictures will release the second TV season of Attack on Titan (broadcast in 2017), on both Blu-ray and DVD. (There will also be a Blu-ray/DVD Collectors Edition available from the Zaavi website). From the Amazon summary:

Eren Jaeger's battle against the Titans rages on! After fighting the Female Titan, he has no time to rest as a horde approaches Wall Rose. With his ferocious abilities and a new plan, Eren and his friends set out to face the Titans head-on. But as they prepare for war, they begin to unearth terrifying secrets. What are the Titans really, and where do they get their power? As they begin investigating the danger hidden within the walls, a colossal reveal shakes them to the core! Does humanity stand a chance at survival with no one to trust and a new evil on the horizon?

Anime Limited will release the film Princess Arete on Blu-ray and DVD. Sunao Katabuchi (who would go on to direct Black Lagoon, In This Corner of the World and Mai Mai Miracle) directed and wrote the film, which opened in Japan in July 2001.

The film follows the titular princess, who is confined in a castle tower. Arete wants to meet the common people and travel the world, and she wants nothing to do with the competition going on among the knights in the kingdom, who are vying for the right to marry her by racing to find powerful magic objects. One day a sorcerer named Boax arrives and offers to take Arete as his wife and transform her into a proper princess.

Anime Limited is also releasing complete DVD editions of two anime TV series from 2003. One is the 24-part series Peace Maker from 2003 (under the title Peacemaker Kurogane). Funimation described the series:

After the murder of his parents, young Tetsu begins a quest for vengeance that threatens to consume his soul. His journey leads him to the Shinsengumi, an order of swordsmen at war with the villains who cut down his parents. Tetsu's training gives him the strength to seek revenge, but he must decide whether to yield to his demonic urges—or become a true Peace Maker like his father before him.

The anime adapts Nanae Chrono's Peacemaker Kurogane manga, which ran in Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine.

Anime Limited is also releasing the 24-part series Chrono Crusade. The series adapts Daisuke Moriyama's manga of the same name. The story is set in an alternate 1928 New York City, where exorcist Rosette Christopher and her assistant Chrono operate. The economic prosperity brought forth after the Great War also heightened the presence of something far darker: the demonic Sinners. The Magdalene Order is an organization that tries to counter this force. Rosette and Chrono are in a quest to find Rosette's missing brother, Joshua.

Manga Entertainment will release Box Set 31 of Naruto Shippūden, carrying episodes 388 to 401.

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