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Fushigi Yūgi Stage Musical Sequel's Cast Photographed in Costume

posted on by Alex Mateo
Musical to open October 13-21 in Japan

Amipro's website for its upcoming "Fushigi Yugi -Ao no Shō- (Fushigi Yugi -Blue Chapter-)" stage musical, the sequel to the 2016 stage musical adaptation of Yuu Watase's Fushigi Yûgi manga, posted photographs of the cast in costume. Some of the cast members are returning from the previous musical.

Reina Tanaka as Miaka Yūki (returning)

Ryō Hirano as Tamahome (returning)

Rina Miyazaki as Yui Hongō

Teruma as Nakago

Yoshiki Tani as Hotohori

Mao Miyaji as Nuriko (returning)

Takuya Matsuoka as Amiboshi

Ryūtarō Maeda as Suboshi

Ken Ogasawara as Mitsukake

Subaru Hayama as Chichiri

Mio Hanana as Soi

Kenta Kida as Tomo

Kunta Yamasaki as Tasuki

Daiki Tomida as Chiriko (returning)

Tomo Miyakawa as Ashitare

Kōta Fukasawa as Miboshi

Kotori Kojima as Taiitsukun

Koh Oikawa as Tatara

Masaki Takane as Tomite

Yūsaku Kawasaki as Hikitsu

Shinichi Sakamoto as Keisuke Yūki

The "Fushigi Yugi -Ao no Shō- (Fushigi Yugi -Blue Chapter-)" musical will run at Zenrosai Hall Space Zero in Tokyo from October 13-21. Sayaka Asai (composer for Saiyuki Kageki-den -Reload-) is replacing Kōtarō Yoshitani (Alice in the Country of Hearts musical, Hetalia ~Singin' in the World~) to direct the musical and write the script.

Fushigi Yugi ~Ake no Shō~ (Fushigi Yugi ~Vermilion Chapter~) was amipro's first musical adaptation of Watase's manga after the company previously produced three stage plays. The musical was listed as the first of two parts, and it ran at Tokyo's Owlspot theater in April 2016 for 15 performances. Asuka Ami was credited as producer.

Nelke Planning also produced a stage play of Fushigi Yugi in 2015, focusing on Tamahome, and starring Golden Bomb band member Yutaka Kyan. It was the first stage play adaptation of the manga not produced by amipro.

Sources: Amipro, Comic Natalie

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