Ingress Prime Smartphone Game Launches

posted on by Karen Ressler
Original game is inspiring an anime

Game developer Niantic announced on Monday that it has launched Ingress Prime, the new iOS and Android game for its Ingress franchise.

The game features a new story where players take on the role of agents who must capture Portals at real-world locations. Players can choose one of two competing factions: the Enlightened and the Resistance. Like the original game, the story will evolve based on the actions of the players. Story updates will appear on the game's website, along with a web series titled "The Dunraven Project."

Niantic is planning to host 12 primary Ingress Prime events in Asia, Europe, and the Americas over the next year. The events will begin on November 17 in Barcelona, Spain; Austin, Texas; and Hong Kong.

The original Ingress game launched in November 2012. The game is inspiring a television anime that premiered on October 17 in Japan. The anime will stream worldwide on Netflix. In addition to the anime, the game inspired a slice-of-life manga.

The "Real World Platform" in Ingress was also used as the basis for Niantic's Pokémon GO smartphone game.

Source: Press Release

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