Revue Starlight Voice Actress Momoyo Koyama Takes Hiatus After Vocal Cord Surgery

posted on by Alex Mateo
Voice of Revue Starlight franchise's Karen takes hiatus from singing in May

Voice actress and singer Momoyo Koyama (Revue Starlight) announced on her blog on Thursday that she is taking a hiatus from singing work during May because she is having vocal cord nodule surgery.

Koyama wrote that she had a problem with her vocal cords for the last three years. She went to the hospital and tried to use medicine to mask the issue. She felt better when she rested, but felt worse when the schedule became tight. The situation frustrated her, especially the quality of her voice's high range. Koyama went to the doctor again and decided to have surgery instead of continuing to treat her condition with medicine.

Koyama plays Karen Aijō in Revue Starlight. She also played Elma in Interspecies Reviewers and Sailor Mercury in the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -Un Nouveau Voyage- musicals.

Sources: Momoyo Koyama's blog, Oricon via Crunchyroll

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