Kadokawa Games Announces Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rо̄ka Game for Switch

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Metal Max Xeno: Reborn game heads west in 2022

Kadokawa Games revealed Metal Saga: Hangyaku no Rо̄ka, a new game in the Metal Max series for Nintendo Switch and other consoles or portable game systems, during the live-streamed "Metal Max 30th Anniversary Festival" on Monday.

The theme of the new game is "Humanity has become a threat to itself." It takes place in a world where the threat of NOA is gone, but the enemies of humanity are now the people who are dominated by greed and seek to become the rulers of the next world. The resistance group Heaven's Wall has established itself in the town of Rusty Garden. The player controls a hunter who has lost their memory of what came before. The player can select a male or female protagonist:

One difference in the new title's game system is that it employs a "symbol encounter system" where all the monsters becomes symbols. Because of that, the game now seamlessly incorporates combat as "live battles." It also expands upon the popular interior and costume gifting system in previous entries, and a player can cultivate an uninhabited island as their very own retreat.

PQube also announced on Monday that it will release the Metal Max Xeno: Reborn game for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in the West next year. The company streamed an announcement trailer:

PQube describes the game:

Humanity is on the brink of extinction and the last remaining survivors look to push back against the machines. Half a century ago of war against the mother computer NOA has reduced even Asia's largest metropolis, TOKIO, to rubble. Explore this desolate wasteland and battle your way through onslaughts of enemies. Salvage, modify and hit back using tanks, weaponry and faithful battle dog, Pochi, to reclaim a future for the human race!

The game shipped in September 2020 for the PS4 and Switch in Japan, and it is a remake of Metal Max Xeno.

Kadokawa Games had previously announced in March that it is planning three new games in the Metal Max series, including a completely new Metal Saga game tentatively titled Project Wolf.

The series is also getting a spinoff game focused around the dog Pochi titled Metal Dogs that will debut early this summer on PC via Steam. Hiro Shimono will voice Pochi. The previously announced Metal Max Xeno: Reborn 2 sequel game is now officially titled Metal Max Wild West and will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Switch next year.

The first Metal Max post-apocalyptic role-playing game was released in 1991, followed by Metal Max 2 in 1993. Atlus released one of the franchise installments, Metal Saga, in for North America in 2006. Kadokawa Games released Metal Max Xeno for the PS4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan, Asia, and the West in April 2018.

Sources: Metal Max 30th Anniversary livestream, PQube's YouTube channel via Hachima Kikо̄, Famitsu

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