Bandai Launches Infinite Ryvius Website

Cypress, CA (August 29, 2003) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the launch of in conjunction with its upcoming DVD home video release of Goro Taniguchi's epic space drama, Infinite Ryvius. The website will showcase the world of Ryvius, story settings, background, character profiles, image gallery, DVD information, and the Infinite Ryvius trailer.

Known for his action packed series, s-CRY-ed, director Goro Taniguchi weaves together a brave new world, where children must learn to adapt and survive on their own during a time of catastrophe and no adults. Anime Insider's Editor Rob Bricken states, “Intense. Gripping. Dramatic. These are all words used to describe Bandai's latest anime offering, Infinite Ryvius. A worthy tribute to Golding's class, ‘Lord of the Flies’.”

2225AD an act of sabotage has sent a space station plummeting towards a dense plasma phenomena known as the Sea of Geduld. With only hours to spare before the collapse of the entire station, a group of teens, training on-board the ship will seek safety aboard the Ryvius, an interstellar spacecraft hidden deep inside the station. With the adult crew and instructors killed, these young astronauts must rely on their training, courage, and most importantly...each other. Prepare for the journey home.

Infinite Ryvius
Street Date: 10.21.2003
Rated 13UP
TRT: 125 min.
SRP: $29.98

Infinite Ryvius – Limited Edition
Street Date: 10.21.2003
Rated 13UP
TRT: 125 min.
SRP: $49.98

Infinite Ryvius – Los in Space

DVD Features and Extras include: Interactive Animated Menus, Dolby Digital Audio, English/Japanese Language, English Subtitles Option, and 1 collectable Infinite Ryvius pencil board (“shitagiki”).

Infinite Ryvius – Lost in Space (Limited Edition)

As part of the Bandai Entertainment Platinum Edition brand of DVD - The Limited Edition will also include a Infinite Ryvius collector's art box (to collect the entire series), promotional clips, textless opening, textless ending, commercials, VJ Mix Video, and a special feature known as the Ryvius Illusion. The Ryvius Limited Edition will also

include 4 collectable Infinite Ryvius pencil boards (“shitagiki”) and an exclusive “Rafra” plush doll.

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