CPM December Releases

This December, the fate of the world rests in the hands of an apprentice exorcist, powerful dragon and beautiful android in CPM's action-packed line-up. Be sure to check out all of CPM's exciting December DVD and Graphic Novel releases.

December 2, 2003

Spirit Warrior: Regent of Darkness - $19.99 srp
From the creators of X – The Movie and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust!
A group of Neo-Nazis intend to blanket the world in darkness, and the forces of Light have assembled four heroes to oppose their mad scheme — including Kujaku, an apprentice exorcist, who holds an incredible power that he barely understands.

Legend of the Dragon Kings: Iron Dragon - $19.99 srp
From the screenwriter of Inu Yasha: The TV Series, Fake and Battle Angel Alita..
Owaru is a super-powered teenager with an attitude – and lots of problems! He transforms into a dragon when he gets mad, his neighbors are trying to run his family out of town, and the diabolical Dr. Cranshaw has dispatched an army of cyborgs to destroy him!

Humanoid - $19.99 srp
A clip of this space-age anime was featured on Madonna's world tour!
Dr. Watson is a scientific genius living on a distant outpost in the far future. His crowning achievement: Antoinette, a thinking, feeling android. With a beautiful chrome body and a heart of gold, she searches for that elusive quality called humanity. But the planetary governor isn't taken in with Antoinette's child-like charm. His only interest lies in the ruins of a past civilization and the power the ancient technology could bring!

Iczer Reborn - $19.99 srp
From the director of Vampire Princess Miyu and Magic Knight Rayearth.
When Iczer 1 defeated Big Gold, she thought that the evil had been destroyed. But, years later, when a new threat from an old enemy manifests itself, only the immense power of Iczer 3 has any hope of saving all life in the universe!
Part of the Authentic Anime series of classic programs in a subtitled only format.

Graphic Novels
December 3, 2003

Slayers Super-Explosive Demon Story Book 03: Red Priest - $15.95 srp
The forces of evil have triumphed and LINA is in the clutches of a sketchy band of sinister brigands in the employ of a mysterious and powerful man. And what happened to GOURRY? Can he possibly rescue Lina or has he got bigger problems of his own? Perhaps the beneficent Red Priest Rezo holds the power to rescue Lina and Gourry… (Format: 5.625” X 8.125”)

Humanoid USMD 2326 7-19987-23262-4
Spirit Warrior: Regent of Darkness USMD 2329 7-19987-23292-1
Iczer Reborn USMD 2327 7-19987-23272-3
Legend of the Dragon Kings: Iron Dragon USMD 2335 7-19987-23352-2
Slayers Super Explosive Demon Story Book 03: Red Priest CMX 64603G 7-19987-00646-1-00311

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