Tokyopop to release Tokyo Babylon this May


Los Angeles, CA (September 16, 2003)?Building upon its
long-standing relationship with CLAMP, TOKYOPOP Inc.
is pleased to announce the May 2004 debut of Tokyo
Babylon, one of the famed manga team's most beloved
titles. Each of the series' seven volumes will feature
CLAMP's signature cover designs and luxurious full-color
foldouts-a detail certain to rouse a cheer from
countless devoted fans. This exciting upcoming release not
only complements TOKYOPOP's growing CLAMP collection, but
also reinforces the company's position as the #1
publisher of CLAMP manga in America.

An introspective, character-driven series, Tokyo
Babylon reads like a manga version of The X-Files. Its
story-a modern-day fantasy-follows a young omyouji
(spiritual medium) on his quest to protect Tokyo from evil
spirits. Teenaged Subaru Sumeragi is the 13th head of
the Sumeragi clan. Together with his twin sister Hokuto
and the mysterious veterinarian Seishirou, Subaru
travels around Tokyo, calming the ghosts that threaten the
city. Tokyo Babylon spawned both an anime and a live
action film in its native Japan, and its characters
went on to appear in other CLAMP manga.

"This series is a prime example of the sheer talent
that makes CLAMP such a publishing phenomenon here in
the States," said John Parker, TOKYOPOP's President &
COO. "We are thrilled by the opportunity to add Tokyo
Babylon to our 2004 catalog, and we look forward to our
continued relationship with manga's 'dream team' of

Arguably the most popular manga creators on the
planet, CLAMP has attained unprecedented success in America.
TOKYOPOP has played a key role in this achievement,
with several of its CLAMP series consistently ranking at
the top of BookScan's Graphic Novel Bestseller charts.
Chobits-for example-recently broke new ground for
manga when it cracked the Top 20 Overall Trade Paperback
list. Other hit CLAMP series from TOKYOPOP include
Cardcaptor Sakura, Wish, Angelic Layer, Clover and Magic
Knight Rayearth.

TOKYOPOP Inc. is the leading North American publisher
of manga, the fastest growing segment within the
publishing industry. With exclusive rights to hundreds of
licensed and original book, video and music properties,
the company has rapidly become a media convergence
leader. TOKYOPOP has millions of books in print and
publishes many hit manga series, including Love Hina,
Chobits, Rave Master, Initial D, GTO, Battle Royale and
Cowboy Bebop. The company pioneered Cine-Manga(tm),
releasing titles such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Lizzie
McGuire, Spy Kids 2, Kim Possible and Jackie Chan
Adventures. TOKYOPOP television properties include Reign: The
Conqueror and the upcoming Rave Master, both airing on
Cartoon Network. As a licensor, TOKYOPOP represents
merchandising rights for Rave Master, Initial D, Stray
Sheep and others. Visit for additional

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