Limited Edition Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation to have Dust Jacket

Los Angeles, CA (October 14, 2003) - Broccoli Books, the brand new publishing division of Broccoli International USA, Inc., announced that limited edition dust jacket would be included with their debut title Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation.

The limited edition dust jacket will be available only through Anime Gamers, a sister company of Broccoli International.

Anime Gamers is an anime specialty store in the United States, based on the Gamers retail store chain in Japan. Currently, there is one Anime Gamers store in Los Angeles, CA. Anime Gamers can also be accessed online at Anime Gamers will also be attending various conventions and trade shows throughout the year, where the dust jackets will be available with a purchase of Dejiko's Summer Vacation manga.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation is a collection of short stories illustrated by various artists, including Koge-Donbo, the original character designer of Di Gi Charat. It will be the first in a series of manga featuring Dejiko, the hybrid cat-eared girl, which will be published in English by Broccoli Books.

Satsuki Yamashita, editor of Broccoli Books stated, “I am very excited about the partnership with Anime Gamers. US fans have been asking for dust jackets similar to the ones they have in Japan, and we wanted to provide it to them. We plan on making more dust jackets in the future if this proves to be successful.”

The dust jacket will feature a different illustration from the cover.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation will be available November 2003 in bookstores and specialty stores throughout North America. Suggested retail price is $9.99.

The Di Gi Charat Theater series of English translated manga focuses on the adventures of Di Gi Charat (aka Dejiko), and alien hybrid-cat-eared girl with the ambition of becoming a super star on planet Earth! Originally the mascot for an anime retail store chain, Dejiko and her friends have been featured in anime, manga, and on countless merchandise.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation follows Dejiko and her friends as they turn common everyday occurrences into something a little more FUN! Join them as they hit the beach, switch bodies, blow up the Black Gema Gema Gang, and discover the secret of Hokke Mirin, a two dimensional cat that walks sideways.

Di Gi Charat Theater - Dejiko's Summer Vacation
176 pages with color insert
Age Rating: E (Everyone)
Street Date: 11/18/03
Suggest Retail Price: $9.99

About Broccoli International USA, Inc. - Established in February 2002, Broccoli International USA, Inc. is a Delaware corporation. A fully-owned subsidiary of Broccoli Co, LTD, a multi-media company which created sensational properties such as “Di Gi Charat,” “Galaxy Angel,” “Aquarian Age,” and “Bushi Lord.” Broccoli Books is a publishing division of Broccoli International.

About Anime Gamers USA, Inc. - Established in February 2002, Anime Gamers USA, Inc. is a California corporation. Anime Gamers operates the US branch of the Gamers retail store chain, and currently has one store in Los Angeles. Anime Gamers has a production division known as Synch-Point, which has released titles such as GAINAX's acclaimed OVA series “FLCL” and Studio Pierrot's “I'm Gonna be an Angel.”

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