Manga's Fall DVD Releases

Manga Releases Three Long-Awaited Popular Anime Series

For the First Time on DVD

Orguss 02, New Dominion Tank Police, Fist of the North Star Volume 5

Chicago, IL (October 17, 2003) - Manga Entertainment, home to anime classics old and new such as Ghost In the Shell, Ninja Scroll, and Read or Die, announces its 2003 Fourth Quarter line-up. Long-awaited fan-favorites Orguss 02, Masamune Shirow's New Dominion Tank Police, and the fifth and final volume of Fist of the North Star rounds out the list of Manga's OVA and TV series releases.

On October 28th, ORGUSS 02 will hit DVD retailers nationwide. Acclaimed anime director Fumihiko Takayama (Patlabor 3 / Mobile Suit Gundam) brings the hit Japanese TV series Orguss, 200 years into the future. The rival nations of Zafran and Revillia race to awaken the Decimators, destructive giant robots of war, essential in the approaching political conflict. But Earth is in danger of extinction if these ultimate weapons are unleashed! The complete series of six episodes means three hours of dramatic mecha combat and sci-fi action on one new DVD, along with a bonus poster.

At the end of October, DreamWorks releases Millennium Actress on DVD, hot off the success of PERFECT BLUE - Satoshi Kon's directorial debut anime. Perfect Blue follows pop vocalist-turned-actress Mima, as her reality and illusions become harder to discern from one another. Critics praise it as a psychological thriller that transcends the animated medium. With Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound in both Japanese and English, director and voice-actor interviews, a musical photo gallery, original theatrical trailer and more, the DVD is available now at retailers.

On November 25th, fans can finally collect all six episodes of the highly anticipated series NEW DOMINION TANK POLICE on one DVD. The anime was personally overseen by industry legend Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed) to ensure the anime was truthful to his 1992 manga. A special task force is formed to curb the cybernetically enhanced humans and rogue androids at the center of crime and terrorism. With a radically modified tank to hunt down a deadly drug and the corporation behind it, Newport City and Squad Leader Leona Ozaki's about to see some whole new fireworks! The DVD features all-new Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and includes a bonus poster.

Also on November 25th, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Volume 5 concludes the popular hard-hitting martial arts series with eight new episodes, which were never before released in the U.S.! Fists fly as Ken continues his quest against Shin in this "...Must-see for any classic Anime fan" (Tips & Tricks). The DVD includes character bios, photo gallery, and an all-new drum-and-bass musical score by Reinforced Records on the English version.

Manga Entertainment Inc., a division of Chris Blackwell's Palm Pictures, specializes in the production and distribution of Japanese animation for theatrical, DVD and home video release worldwide. Manga's cutting-edge film catalog also features Asian live-action, cult, pop-culture and international animation. Distribution of Manga videos and DVDs throughout the U.S. is handled through WEA. International distribution of the Manga catalog is handled through Sony Music Video (Canada), Pathé (France and French speaking territories) and Madman (Australia & New Zealand) among others. The company has offices in London and Tokyo, and is headquartered in Chicago.

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