Synch-Point Acquires the Original Di Gi Charat Series

Los Angeles, CA (April 14, 2004)—Synch-Point, known for localizing highly acclaimed anime series such as FLCL, has announced that they have acquired the rights for the original Di Gi Charat series. The release is set for late 2004.

Di Gi Charat began as a mascot character for Japan's popular anime chain store, has grown into a strong franchise spawning multiple television anime series, a theatrical feature, manga, concerts, and merchandise. Di Gi Charat has already made her US debut via manga and merchandise, and has proven to be one of America's favorite cat girls.

The first season of Di Gi Charat garnered notice for its irreverent look at anime fandom. Synch-Point plans to release this original series retaining the contagious wit and comedy for new and old Di Gi Charat fans. ADV Films and Bandai Entertainment will be releasing the spin off series, Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat and Di Gi Charat Nyo, respectively.

“Di Gi Charat has been an important part of Broccoli for the last five years, and I am glad that she will finally be available to all the fans in the United States,” stated Takaaki Kidani, CEO of Broccoli Co., Ltd and the one who launched Di Gi Charat to the anime and game fans in Japan. “Di Gi Charat is innocent looking but can be malicious, which is the humorous part, and I hope the American fans will enjoy that aspect.”

About Di Gi Charat
Di Gi Charat, or Dejiko for short, is a self-proclaimed “alien hybrid cat-eared girl” who comes to planet Earth to become a superstar. However, she finds that the housing expenses are too high and needs to find a job to stay. Luckily, she finds both housing and a job at an anime chain store called Gamers, and quickly becomes popular with the customers who shop there. However, a girl named Rabi~en~Rose is also determined to become a superstar, and Dejiko brings to the planet more trouble than everyone is prepared for!
Di Gi Charat the anime series was aired on television in November of 1999 and was followed by specials, spin-off series, and a theatrical feature due to overwhelming popularity.

About Synch-Point
Synch-Point produces English language versions of anime and manga for North American distribution. Synch-Point takes special care in making sure that their releases stay true to the original creators' intentions.
Synch-Point is the production division of Broccoli International USA, Inc.

Information about other Broccoli International USA divisions can be found at

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