Gonzo and Fuji to Produce Brave Story

GONZO DIGIMATION HOLDING K.K. and Fuji TV announce joint intent to
create a feature-length theatrical animation
Miyuki Miyabe's popular "Brave Story" fantasy to become animation
GONZO DIGIMATION HOLDING K.K. announced today that GDH and Fuji Television Network Inc. will collaborate on the creation of a feature-length theatrical animation based on Brave Story, the popular fantasy story by Miyuki Miyabe. GONZO DIGIMATION CORPORATION (GONZO) will handle production.

Brave Story is an expansive tale in two volumes and is the product of several years of work by popular author Miyuki Miyabe. Enjoyed by both children and adults alike, this fantasy story sold more than 420,000 copies following its launch in March last year. Well-known for titles that feature a unique fusion of 2D and 3DCG technologies, animation production company GONZO will bring this robust fantasy to life in a theatrical animation release. Up-and-coming director Koichi Chigira of LAST EXILE, Full Metal Panic! and Gatekeepers fame will make his theatrical directing debut with this title. It is planned to release the animation in summer 2006 and a worldwide release is under consideration.

GDH has provided many TV animations to Fuji TV, including popular titles such as Hellsing, Choujoushin Gravion, Kiddy Grade, Chrno Crusade and GANTZ. With the intention of broadening its range of genres further, GDH will take advantage of its accumulated digital technologies and production know-how and work with Fuji TV to create a large scale theatrical animation. In addition, GDH will utilize its global network to reinforce its ability to market this theatrical animation release overseas.

[ Brave Story ]
Wataru, the main character, is a 10 year old 5th grade elementary school student . His grades are so-so and he is a meek and unassertive boy who is easily manipulated by girls. One day his father runs off with a mistress, leaving Wataru and his mother behind. In shock, his mother suffers an accident and is near death. Brokenhearted, Wataru goes inside a neighborhood building that is reputedly haunted. The building actually is the entrance to a delusional world called Vision, in which Wataru must master magic techniques and collect hidden treasures to meet a goddess, who, it is believed, can make wishes come true. Together with new friends he meets there, Wataru's magnificent journey through Vision begins. Adventure, friendship, growing up, family ties, love and magic: this fantasy includes everything viewers expect and can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.

GDH is a global Japanese company founded in February 2000 controlling the overall business management strategies of its group companies, including title licensing management and overseas sales. GDH is a leader in content development that actively promotes both domestic and global reach in Japan's animation culture, which is well-known worldwide. For additional information, visit

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