FUNimation at Wizard World Chicago

Funimation is your anime oasis at Wizard World Chicago!

Come join us this weekend at Wizard World Chicago, in Rosemont , Ill at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center . That's right, it's held at the same location as Anime Central if that helps you out with location.

It's Al's first trip to Chicago so come by and check him out! We'll be giving away posters, and Wizard World marks the debut of our Case Closed poster! Now don't think that means we're leaving the others at home, we're bringing a ton of Fullmetal Alchemist goodies to give out as well! We've had lots of new title announcements this year, so come by and check out trailers for some of our new titles and what's going on with your continuing favorites. If you're cosplaying at this con, please come by our booth! We love cosplayers and if you're dressed as a character from one of our titles?we love you even more! How much more?! Well, how about putting you in a drawing to win 5 dvds or a boxset of your choice, how's that sound?

Could it get any better? Did we mention that Atari's bringing a sweet setup of Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament for the PS2 and DBZ: Buu's Fury for the GBA! Not only that, but be there for their unveiling of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 for the PS2! They're also packed to bursting with lots of goodies and the information you've been craving about these games.

Now why settle for just seeing the characters on our collective screens, when it's just a quick trip to the Score Entertainment booth to meet the actors behind the voices of Yuusuke Urameshi (Justin Cook), and Kuwabara (Chris Sabat) from Yu Yu Hakusho, and then from DragonBall GT , Trunks (Eric Vale) and Vegeta (that Sabat guy again!).

Once you tire of the comic books and stormtroopers, head for the FUNimation booth for your anime and gaming fix.

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