Bandai E3 First Look Descriptions

One Piece™: Grand Battle™
The characters from the hit TV show make their US debut in this fighting game, coming summer 2005 to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo GameCube. Play as one of 16 weird and wonderful pirates from the show and pick up objects around you to use as weapons as you battle to become the King of the Pirates! The game features 6 game play modes including 2 player versus mode and tournament mode. With tons of moves for each character and lots of unlockable features, One Piece: Grand Battle is a fun fighting game that will definitely be one for the treasure chest!

One Piece
Ahoy there mi hearties! Launching at the same time as the PlayStation®2 and Nintendo GameCube versions, One Piece will also debut on the Game Boy Advance this summer. Play as Monkey D. Luffy in this side-scrolling action game as you battle pesky pirates in your quest to become the Pirate King! Use all your stretchy skills to defeat all 12 enemies from the hit TV show, collect items and unlock new areas and special moves each time you play!

Zatch Bell
Experience the world of Zatch Bell as seen in the hit TV show! The Mamodo of Zatch Bell make their US debut in this fighting game for the Nintendo GameCube (and other platform to be announced) this summer. Every 1000 years, 100 Mamodo descend upon earth to conduct the ultimate battle with the winner becoming the mighty king of the Mamodo world. Choose from your favorite characters as you battle across 18 different stages with your human partner; collect trading cards and input codes to unlock secret spells and mamodo in the video game.

Inuyasha™: Feudal Combat™
Unleash your dog-demon! Featuring all your favorite characters from the hit TV show, the first Inuyasha™ fighting game for the PlayStation®2 launches Summer 2005 and features a mission mode, a battle mode for versus gameplay, practice mode and a story mode. Featuring an original battle system, the game allows you to partner with another character, select the best formation system and develop and strengthen your fighting partnership, and destroy objects around you as you battle to take out the opposition.

DICE – DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises™
DICE to the rescue! Featuring all your favorite characters from the hit TV show plus original Dinobreakers never seen before, DICE makes its videogame debut this summer in this action game for the PlayStation®2. The DICE team makes a formidable force; transform your DINOBREAKER from vehicle to dinosaur mode or even fight on foot, unlock and upgrade weapons and use your satellite bots to destroy the enemy! Always on call, always on alert - DICE is ready for action!

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed™: Never Ending Tomorrow™
Play as one of the 2 heroes from the Gundam Seed storyline in this action game coming to the PlayStation®2 this summer. Featuring more than 50 playable mobile suits from the TV series, the game features 4 game play modes including Story Mode, Mission Mode and 2 player Versus Mode, with story arcs from the Gundam Seed TV show and others. Featuring more than 40 minutes of movie-quality CGI and cut-scenes, as well as the combat system, unique weapons and attacks from the TV series - pick your favorite mobile suit and battle it out!

Digimon® World™4
The hit Digimon World series makes its return this May with this multi-player action RPG for the PlayStation®2, Nintendo GameCube™ and Xbox®. Access to the real world has been terminated and a sinister new world has been discovered. Play as your favorite Digimon, Digivolve and battle your way across the servers of the Digimon World. Collect weapons, armor and items to customize your Digimon's skills and attributes.

Ghost in the Shell®: Stand Alone Complex™
Section 9 returns to take out the latest terrorist cell in this futuristic first-person shooter coming to the PSP™ handheld entertainment system this summer. Use Motoko's agility, Batou's strength, Togusa's stealth or Saito's sniper skills to take out the terrorists. Train and customize Tachikoma to assist you in your missions and hack into enemies to obtain information crucial to your missions. Features wireless battles and communication – up to 4-players!

About Bandai Games Inc.

Bandai Games Inc. is a subsidiary of Bandai America Incorporated and a leading publisher of interactive entertainment software for popular game systems such as the PSP™ handheld entertainment system, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, the Nintendo DS™, Nintendo GameCube™ and the Game Boy® Advance. Unique characters and stimulating game experiences highlight Bandai Games Inc. distinctive product lineup which include hit properties such as Inuyasha. Bandai Games Inc. is headquartered in Cypress, California. For more information and press downloads please visit:

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