Tokyopop Announces Devil May Cry

TOKYOPOP Turns Capcom®'s Devil May Cry® 3 Into an All-New Manga In Stores October 2005

Los Angeles, CA (July 3, 2005) – TOKYOPOP is proud to announce the all-new Devil May Cry™ 3 manga, an inventive project based on the immensely popular and stylish Devil May Cry® videogame series from Capcom. Created by Suguro Chayamachi, author of Aza and Aka no Genyuugi, the Devil May Cry 3 manga is an action-packed adventure that pits good against evil...and brother against brother! For anyone who has ever enjoyed the game series but wanted to explore the world further, the Devil May Cry 3 manga provides an exciting opportunity to delve into the secrets of the gothic world of the Devil May Cry world.

Devil May Cry 3 tells the story of Dante, a demon slayer and bounty hunter with a demon heritage that haunts his past. He's currently unemployed--and bored to death. Opportunity knocks in the form of a missing-child case, which his friend and manager, Enzo, offers him. But a four-million-dollar reward, an unexpected demon attack and a little girl named Alice all conspire to send Dante through the looking glass on a nightmarish adventure beyond his wildest imagination.

“Being connected with such a massively popular game franchise as Devil May Cry is a great opportunity in and of itself, but what writer/artist Suguro Chayamachi brings to the table really elevates this manga to a whole different level,” said TOKYOPOP editor Bryce Coleman. “Chayamachi-san takes the established characters and themes of the game and runs with them, creating a creepy, suspenseful action yarn.” Coleman continues, “One of the aspects I love about the game is that it's very horror-noir, and Chayamachi's art nails that vibe perfectly, with a very moody, monochromatic style.”

TOKYOPOP's Devil May Cry 3 graphic novel will be available in bookstores nationwide in October 2005.

As the largest English-language publisher of manga in the world, TOKYOPOP is hailed as a leading youth-oriented entertainment brand. TOKYOPOP's innovative product extensions include its pioneering Cine-Manga® book format, which features colorful flavors of pop culture's hottest films, television shows and music videos. The company has expanded its property reach beyond publishing—TOKYOPOP's television series have been broadcast in the United States on Cartoon Network, Showtime and G4Media, and are released on DVD, with consumer products available at all major retail outlets. The company's global reach has recently expanded to Europe, with new offices in the UK and Germany, in addition to its Los Angeles and Tokyo operations. With nearly 28 million books in print, TOKYOPOP's award-winning catalogue of licensed and original properties features more than 200,000 pages of manga compiled over nearly 1,000 manga volumes. Visit for additional information.

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