CPM Kicks of Summer Cons with Premieres, Plushies, and Shoujo Artist

Traveling East and West, CPM Kicks off Summer Cons with Premieres, Plushies, and Shoujo Artist

New York, NY (July 11, 2005) Central Park Media is proud to announce that its summer convention plans will include two exciting premieres at two upcoming conventions this summer. In honor of their presence, fans will get to enjoy a peek at CPM's fall releases, as well as being able to take advantage of a special Shadow Star Narutaru show promotion. CPM will premiere the much-anticipated Kakurenbo-Hide and Seek during the upcoming Comic-con and in mid-August at Otakon. Despite its long awaited October U.S. release, the 3D-animated film has already been generating a worldwide buzz. In addition, CPM will preview the futuristic animated fantasy Hammerboy. Both of these upcoming releases have been extremely well received during festival screenings and will be the “must sees” of both conventions.

In addition to the screenings, those who stop by the Central Park Media Booth at Comic-con (5478) and, or Otakon (1326, 1327, 1328), to purchase either of the first two volumes of Shadow Star Narutaru will receive a free plushie of the lovable yellow star-shaped Dragon Child Hoshimaru. Also at Comic-con, look out for renowned shoujo artist Tomoko Taniguchi (Princess Prince, Aquarium, and Just a Girl), who will make an appearance at 3 PM on July 15th to sign copies of her work at CPM's booth.

Kakurenbo-Hide and Seek
The acclaimed film Kakurenbo-Hide and Seek is about a group of eight teenagers who play an innocent game of ‘Hide and Seek’ in the underground levels of Tokyo. Though the game is not so innocent when the group is up against demons. The story follows two characters, Hikora and Yaimao, who are searching for their sister who had oddly disappeared from the last game. What they discover about the game and their search is much more than what the two were looking for.

Shadow Star Narutaru
First impressions can be misleading. When Shiina met a star-shaped created named Hoshimaru, she never expected the cute little thing would lead her into an alien onslaught and a society of psychic (and psycho) children. Cute and creepy, Shadow Star Narutaru, is a big adventure wrapped up in a little package. From the Screenwriter of Serial Experiments Lain and the Animation Director of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water.

In the wake of a worldwide disaster, a boy named Mangchi leads a sheltered life with his grandfather on Candlestick Island. Armed with his trusty hammer, Mangchi roams the island in search of adventure. When a fugitive princess named Poplar arrives with power-hungry traitors hot on her heels, young Mangchi must help her escape and return to her homeland. It's to be Mangchi's adventure of a lifetime... if he survives! Screened at the Big Apple Anime Fest, New York International Children's Film Festival, Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Fair, Cartoons on the Bay Festival, Anncey Animation Festival, and Asia Pacific Film Festival.

Tomoko Taniguchi
Tomoko Taniguchi is the world-renowned artist and author behind "Aquarium," "Call Me Princess," "Just A Girl," "Let's Stay Together Forever," "Miss Me?," and "Popcorn Romance." Her delicate art and emotive stories have won fans of all ages. A fan, herself, Tomoko is modest about her work, stating, "I just wanted to become a cartoonist, draw and make stories. I just do it naturally. It's a hard job to draw, it takes time, and I can't sleep many days -- but I do it."

About Central Park Media:
Central Park Media has been a leading supplier of anime in the United States since 1990. The company currently manufactures and distributes three home entertainment lines, each offering anime product for a distinct and discriminating audience: U. S. Manga Corps, Central Park Media and Software Sculptors. With exclusive rights to hundreds of book, video and music products, the company has become a leader in integrated media, as well as a leading publisher of graphic novels under its CPM Press label. Central Park Media also carries a broad array of documentaries released under its CPM label, as well as live-action Japanese feature films under its Asia Pulp Cinema label.

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